RCIA Schedule

Fall RCIA 2019 to Spring 2020 Schedule     

Held at Our Lady of Peace, Education Building, Alpine, Texas

Jesus turned and saw them following and said to them, “What are you looking for?” John 1:38                                        



            13  Doctrines about Mary (Q 14)                   Dorinna
                  Our Lady of Lourdes                               Roxanna Hill
            20   Rite of Acceptance & Practice (Church) JoAnn
            24   Rite of Acceptance & Welcoming-Sunday Mass           
                   Parish reception
           27   Off for Thanksgiving        


             4   Bible Basics: Part 3
                 Overview of the New Testament              Den. Paul
                 (C11 The Early Church) 1½ hr.
                 Open to all interested in parish    
            11  The Rosary. (Q8) Sacramentals.            
                  Explanation of Our Lady of Guadalupe   Lucila
           18  Off             
           25  Off


             1  Off              
            Beginning of actual period of Catechumenate     
            8  ” Introduction to the Sacraments” Den. Paul
                “Baptism”( C2, C3)            
          15  “Confirmation” (C4)            JoAnn (or TBA)
          22  “Holy Orders” and “Matrimony”(C8 C9)     Den. Paul
          29  ”Penance” and examination of conscience (C6)   Father Joe


           5  “Anointing the Sick” A consistent ethic of  
                Life and Christian Moral Living (C7, CI5)   JoAnn
         12  “Who Shepherds The Church” & “The Church as
                 Community” Q12 & Q13                     Den. Paul
         19  Review meaning of “Rite of Election”.(E1)
               Preparing for Ash Wednesday-discuss     JoAnn
         23  Sunday Mass: Rite of Election/Continuing
               Conversion. (Family-Candidate reception)

                     Period of Purification and Enlightment
         26  Ash Wednesday-No class- attend service this day


           3  Off-prepare for weekend retreat this Saturday
           7  9AM-Noon Saturday morning: Retreat on Living Lent Fr. Beto
              (Candidates & team)
         11 Scrutinies (JoAnn) The Lord’s Prayer (Betsy Larson)
              -class in Church (E3, E6)
         15  Sunday Mass-I st Scrutiny
         18  “Social Justice” and “Escatology”(Q16,C16)          Den. Paul
         22  Sunday Mass-2nd Scrutiny
         25  Church History (C12)          Martha Richardson
         29  Sunday Mass-3rd Scrutiny


          1  Meaning of Holy Week (E7)             JoAnn
          5  Palm Sunday-attend Mass with your family
          8  Practice for Holy Week activities/services   Fr. Beto
         11  Easter Vigil: Celebration of Sacraments of Initiation
         12  Easter Sunday-celebrations with family traditions!
         15  Off
         22  Off  
         29  Mystagogy: Welcome and Easter Celebration Meal (Fr. Beto)
               -team, candidates & families. “Conversion: a Lifelong Process” (M1)
                       Parish-wide Presentations and Discussions


         6 Mystagogy session-[deciphering the Easter Mysteries-
What did Jesus teach the apostles the 40 days He was with them after
the Resurrection?] (M2)/Our Role as Laity- Panel of ministries
moderated by-
       13  Using the Gifts of the Spirit-[CCD and Confirmation programs
speakers – Religious education ministry] (M3)
       20  Preparing for the Birth of the Church-Pentecost May 31st– Staying
close to the Sacraments. Resources to grow in holiness. Deacon Paul
(M5, M6)
       27  Mystagogy- Catholic Family Life.(Velasco Family) (M7)

Oh Lord, you have probed me and you know me. I give you thanks that I am fearfully, wonderfully made.
Psalm 139